jueves, 8 de mayo de 2014

Technology Madness

We are living in a world full of quick advances in technology. Some are great but others are not so necessary. We live so fast that we are losing important things. 
Most of these advances are related to communication; we have Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, the latest mobile phones, but are we making proper use of them or are we wasting our time?
If you want to think it over, watch this special video about some of the dangers of social media and then make a decision. 
Look up by Gary Turk

3 comentarios:

Elena Martínez Sánchez dijo...

I liked so much this video, it represents the new, idiot life that the new technologies created. The real life is more important and beautiful than the virtual one. It made me think about my day to day. Elena Martínez.

Nadia Astor dijo...

I do not agree completely,Why? Because I think the real life is here, and the technology is here too. It depends how you do your power. You can talk with people around the world, and you can never be friends if you have not had the technology.

Okey, maybe we use the technology wrong, but the stories never dead: if you lost one of them, you can found other one.

Choose your real life.

Pablo dijo...

I think what this guy says is the truth and we should listen to his words quietly because maybe doing that we can stop looking at the phone and instead we can see each other eye to eye.