domingo, 30 de marzo de 2014

Teen Language

Teenagers have always liked to be different from previous generations and one of the best ways of doing it is though language, they invent new words and expressions every day. 
We can see it in their tweets or mobile language. We can listen to it in the street, in songs, in films. 
Someone invents a word, changes its meaning or transforms it and immediately it is widespread and becomes trendy. 

 So, bro, if you don't want to be a dork about language,
 check this list and be hella tope.

Describing people 

BRO / BRA(H) : friend, brother
A N00B : Someone with no interest in learning  (the 00 stand for zeros)
A FRENEMY: Friend+ Enemy (someone who appears to be your friend but at the same time is antagonistic)
A GANSTA: Someone who is cool and tough (from rap culture) 
A WANKSTA: Someone who is trying to be cool
A HATER: Some who is pessimistic and talks constantly about friends and other people 
A CATFISH: Someone who pretends to be someone different.
A ROCKET / A SHAWTY: A very attractive girl.
A GOOF ( TO BE GOOFY) : A silly person
A DORK: an awkward person
A NERD: studious person with few social skills
A JERK: Stupid person.
An EMO: a dramatic person, normally depressed and moody. (from a style of music and fashion) 
A SILVER SURFER: an old person who is keen on computers.

ADJECTIVES  This is the most changing category. 
  • Positive 
    To be TOPE: TIGHT+ DOPE = extremely good, beyond cool.
To be CRUNK. crazy+drunk= awesome
To be MEGA/SUPER = Extremely
To be SNUG: very cool
To be FLY:  cool, attractive, HIP
To be CRAY CRAY: crazy
To be CHILLIN' / CHILLAXIN : To be relaxing
To be SICK/ ILL: to be cool, awesome, delicious
To be MATCHY MATCHY: to be trendy with matching clothes and accessories.
To be BLING BLING: To be great, cool.
  • Negative
To be SALTY: angry, annoying
To be CHEESY/ CHEESEY: to have  very low quality
To be BUSTED:  to be ugly
To be H: to be "hardcore" very intense


CHEDDAR (not a type of cheese) = money, cash
A RIDE ( Not a car) =  Special brand, expensive sneakers
To FRIEND/ UNFRIEND ( adding or removing someone from social networks)
MY BAD= My fault, I made a mistake.
'SUP= What's up?
DOWN= To do something with someone, to agree on doing it. 
MY MAINS= close group of friends or family 
TO BOUNCE= to leave
A SELFIE= a self portrait with mobile or computer.    
HELLA= really  
TO SUCK= To be very bad
TO ROCK= to be great
A HICKEY= a love mark, from kissing (suck on the skin)
TO PLAY HOOKY/ HOOKEY= not to attend school or some classes without permission
A ZA= a pizza
THE MUFFIN TOP= excess fat falling from you belly.


MOS-DOS-POS (Mom,Dad, Parents over shoulder) Parents watching you or around you
Ttyl = Talk to you later
G2g = got to go
LOL= Laugh out loud
YOLO= You only live once
OMG = Oh My God / Gosh
BF / GF = boyfriend, girlfriend
BF4L= Best friends for life



a) It would be great if you give me some money
b) My mother always matches her out fit with her earrings and high-heels.
c) I discovered that my friend, who seemed very cool, was a real enemy.
d) My girlfriend is very attractive.
e) I know a girl who is very crazy and stupid. I am going to remove her from my FB.


a) Please, don't talk about my ...................., you have to be respectful to my family.
b) I don't feel very well. I have to .................... from here.
c) Don't step on my .......................... They are brand new.
d) Don't be a ................... Study and get a job!
c) I met a ......................... at the party who was  pretending to be .................... but he was really ....................

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