sábado, 2 de marzo de 2013


Have you ever been to a Music festival? There are lots of them everywhere.
If you want to know more about them, log on these webs sites and answer the questions, then submit the answers to your teacher’s mail or include the answers as a comment here.

 Edinburgh International festival   
Festival Finder ( to know what is being held right now)   
Benicassim Festival

  1. Write the names of three singers who performed at The Woodstock Festival from August 15th to 17th, 1969
  2. What is Mardi Grass Festival ? Where does it take place?
  3. What kind of festival is Glastonbury ? Where is it held?
  4. When does The Edinburgh International Festival take place?
  5. There is a WOMAD festival held in New Zealand in 2011. In what park?
  6. When was the first concert in The Royal Albert Hall?
  7. When did The Benicassim Festival start? Who played there?

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