jueves, 7 de marzo de 2013

21st century Flux: borrowings in English

English is a varied and changing language with lots of influences. There are lots of serious studies about that, but here you can see a different and funny way to see how it is evolving
Watch this rap created by rapper Dizraeli and enjoy it!

If you want to read the poem, click here.
There are many words which come into a language from different countries, these are called BORROWINGS

1. Borrowings in English: Match the borrowed words on the left with their language of origin on the right.
                     1 yacht                                a French
                2 tsunami                         b Australian Aboriginal
                 3 wiki                                   c Chinese
                4 shampoo                       d Arabic
                5 kudos                               e Greek
                6 giraffe                               f Japanese
              7 cuisine                         g Hindi
               8 boomerang                     h Hawaiian
               9 ketchup                          i Dutch
2. Can you think of any words in English that have been borrowed from your language? 
3.Can you think of any words in your language that have been borrowed from English?

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